Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is your mailing address?
A: General Dynamics Electric Boat, 75 Eastern Point Road, Groton, CT 06340-4989.
Q: What are your telephone and FAX numbers?
A: General access numbers are Tel.: 860-433-3000; Fax: 860-433-1400.
Q: Do you sell submarine-related items - caps, T-shirts, lithographs, etc.?
A: Yes. Contact Electric Boat's Fairwater Store at 860-433-6302. Visa and MasterCard are accepted.
Q: How can I get information on submarines - facts, photos, etc.?
A: Our web site provides photographs and basic public information. For security reasons, we do not release additional information.
Q: Do you offer tours of your facilities?
A: Because Electric Boat is a secure defense industrial site, public access is not allowed.
Q: Can I tour a submarine?
A: Not at Electric Boat. However, you can at the Navy's Submarine Force Library and Museum, which is located in Groton, Conn. (1-800-343-0079 or 860-694-3174). The museum is home to USS Nautilus, the first nuclear-powered submarine, which is open to the public.
Q: Do you provide historical information on earlier classes of submarines?
A: No. Our archives have been donated to the Submarine Force Library and Museum and the U.S. Navy Historical Branch in Washington, D.C. For a look at all of the submarines in the history of the US Navy click here.
Q: How can my company do business with Electric Boat?
A: Please contact our Purchasing Department at 860-433-2715.
Q: Where do I send general questions about EB?
A: Send questions to:
Q: Do you respond personally to e-mail messages?
A: We route all messages for appropriate consideration.  However, because of the large number of messages we receive, we don't guarantee a personal response.
Q: Does your company comply with internationally recognized quality, environmental, and safety and health standards?
A: Yes, Electric Boat is certified under ISO 9001, the international standard for Quality Management Systems; ISO 14001, the international standard for Environmental Management Systems; and ISO 45001, the international standard for Safety and Health Management Systems. To view EB's Quality Policy, click here. To view EB's Safety Management System Policy Statement, click here. In July 2003, EB was recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for implementing an Environmental Management System designed specifically for the shipbuilding and ship repair industry. This is the system for which EB received certification in October 2003. To view EB's Environmental Management System Policy Statement, click here.
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