Environmental Policy

"It's the way we do our job to protect the environment"

Electric Boat is committed to the preservation of the environment and compliance with all relevant environmental laws and regulations.

We foster this commitment through the implementation of environmentally sustainable processes, pollution prevention, and a continual improvement focus in the design, construction, delivery and maintenance of submarines, and other contracted products and services.

Environmental Policy:

Electric Boat recognizes environmental protection as among the highest of its priorities and shall incorporate the following key elements into daily work activities:

  • Protect the environment and minimize or prevent pollution
    • All business activities shall be conducted in a manner that best safeguards the natural environment and preserves natural resources.
    • The company shall consider a life cycle perspective in the development and improvement of products, services, and related processes to reduce environmental risk to the greatest reasonable extent.
    • The company shall promote similar behaviors by suppliers and contractors.
  • Fulfill environmental compliance obligations
    • All business activities shall comply with applicable federal, state and local environmental regulations and other relevant obligations.
  • Continually improve to enhance environmental performance
    • The company shall assess all aspects of business activities, products and services that can be controlled or influenced, and their associated environmental impacts.
  • Accountability
    • All levels of leadership and management are responsible for fostering continuous improvement in environmental performance.
    • All employees and contractors are responsible for adherence to company policy and procedures, and reasonable efforts to achieve environmental performance objectives.
    • The company will provide adequate resources to support this policy and maintain certification of compliance to the current International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001 Standard: Environmental management systems.

Please forward questions or feedback regarding Electric Boat's environmental policy to: Michael Sinko