The Columbia Class

The Columbia Class—the nation’s top strategic priority—will be the backbone of our nation's strategic deterrent. Electric Boat is the prime contractor on the design and construction of the 12-ship Columbia class and will perform about 78% of the construction.

Over the last 15 years, since the inception of the Columbia program, Electric Boat has leveraged more than a century of submarine design and construction know-how into executing the design and construction of this crucial program. We’ve hired thousands of new skilled tradespeople and collaborated with suppliers to prepare for expanded demand in support of construction. We’ve also invested nearly $2 billion to modernize and upgrade our facilities, and many changes can be seen in the skyline at our Groton, CT and Quonset Point, RI locations.


Length: 560 feet
Hull Diameter: 43 feet
Speed: 20+ knots
Submerged Displacement: 20,810 long tons
Dept: In excess of 800 feet
Missile Tubes 16
Weapons System Trident II D5 (LE)
Propulsion Nuclear, Electric Drive

Program Priorities

  • Meet design/construction/lifecycle cost targets
  • Deliver lead ship on schedule in 2027
  • Leverage Virginia-class technology, the submarine supplier base and lessons learned