Build a Career

Leadership Development

General Dynamics Electric Boat offers a variety of leadership development programs which are sponsored by the company president and the executive team. The programs are designed to equip employees of all experience levels to achieve their career goals and personal objectives.

The Professional Development Program focuses on exploring career opportunities and providing broader business experience to early-career employees. Participant in this program have the desire to move beyond their current position to accept greater responsibility as technical leaders or entry into employee supervision and management.

The Future Leader Program strengthens leadership competencies via learning and experience for first-line and mid-level management who have demonstrated experience in leading others. Participants in this program are experienced employees and have chosen to steer their careers toward employee and resource management.

The Business Leader Development Program is designed to identify and nurture the next generation of company business leaders. Candidates for this program are selected based on the potential to be company leaders. Once in the program, candidates participate in rotational work assignments, can receive formal education, and obtain a large amount of practical experience to aid in their growth.

Each participant in these programs has a mentor and a network of experts who will support learning, solve problems, share insights, and pass along functional knowledge and leadership skills.