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Global Support & Modernization of Submarines

More than 1,500 General Dynamics Electric Boat employees are regularly engaged in life-cycle support of submarine programs at various locations across the country.

At Naval Submarine Base New London, Electric Boat operates the Nuclear Regional Maintenance Department and the floating drydock Shippingport (ARDM 4), while supporting waterfront repair activities.

Electric Boat maintains permanent facilities at Kings Bay, Georgia, and Bangor, Washington, to support the Ohio-class submarines based there.

Electric Boat has supported maintenance or repair activity in the Persian Gulf, Europe and Guam in recent years, and has provided submarine assistance to the navies of the United Kingdom, Australia and Spain.

The Virginia Class

Hailed as a model for defense acquisition programs with unsurpassed technical excellence and schedule performance, the Virginia Class gives the submarine force the capabilities it requires to dominate both the open ocean and the littorals. A potent platform for special operations, strike and surveillance, the Virginia Class has been designed for modularity, making is sufficiently mission-flexible to prevail against any future threat. Electric Boat continues its efforts to improve ship capability while reducing cost and construction time.

Cutting Edge & Design Expertise

  • Pioneered warship design / build process and electronic ship design
  • First ship designs at sea for post-Cold War threats
  • Prepared Virginia-class design to highest quality standards ever for a nuclear submarine
  • Range of talent and experience to tackle any complex design program
  • Extensive use of commercially available components to reduce costs


  • Large, complex engineering analysis
    • Underwater shock
    • Full-spectrum acoustics
    • Internal and external flows
    • Power systems
  • Recognized ability to meet stringent and unyielding safety and quality requirements