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Ohio Replacement Program

The first Ohio-class submarine will reach the end of its service life in Fiscal Year 2027. To ensure there is no gap in the nation's most survivable strategic deterrent, construction of the first Ohio-class replacement submarine must start by 2019. Electric Boat, which designed and built the entire Ohio Class, has been involved in concept studies for the next-generation submarine for several years, and has begun the engineering and design work needed to support the Navy's schedule.

Virginia Payload Module

When Ohio-class SSGN submarines joined the fleet in 2005, they provided the U.S. Navy with a significant increase in stealthy, survivable strike capacity. To retain this capability when the SSGNs begin decommissioning in the 2020s, Electric Boat has a proposed Virginia Payload Module (VPM). The VPM would comprise four additional large-diameter payload tubes located amidships, increasing the fixed strike capacity of the ship by more than 230 percent. VPM enables enhanced use of Special Operating Forces, and allows the Navy to bring aboard future weapons, sensors, adjunct vehicles and other payloads.

Advanced Concept Formulation - The Future of Nuclear Submarine Technology

  • Integrating new technologies to meet future missions and drive down costs.
  • Breaking technology barriers to ensure undersea superiority.
  • Developing concepts for submarines that combine affordability with unmatched capability:
    • Payload
    • Propulsion
    • Sensors
    • Automation
    • Hull forms