Supplier Delegated Inspection Program (SDIP)


  • Electric Boat (EB) selects and qualifies suppliers to act on behalf of EB with respect to Procurement Quality actions regarding inspection of hardware and review of deliverable documentation. The EB Source Delegated Inspector (SDI) and Analyst (SDA) will act in lieu of EB Source Inspection and provide necessary assurance that complete and fully satisfactory material is supplied to Electric Boat.
  • An on-site Quality Assurance System Survey/Evaluation is performed by EB's Supplier Quality organization prior to qualification to assure compliance with contract and policy requirements. Annual on-site evaluations are performed to ensure that the SDIP is being adequately maintained.
  • The Supplier must have an "Approved" Quality Status and must maintain a quality rating of 95% or greater to be and to remain eligible for the program.

Qualified SDIP Suppliers (As of 11/01/2017):

Advance MFG. Co. Inc.
Supplier ID: 1006380
SDI: Stephen Pitoniak, Garry Rousseau
SDA: Stephen Pitoniak, Garry Rousseau

Ammcon Corporation, Hillsboro, OR
Supplier ID: 050648
SDI: Reta Howard, Christine Tolmie
SDA: Reta Howard

BEK Engineering A CorpLevel 1 Fasteners, Huntington, WV
Supplier ID: 1013411
SDI: Keith Boggess Shawn Johnson, Mike Hapney
SDA:Keith Boggess, Pat Short

B N L Industries, Vernon, CT
Supplier ID: 082066 
SDI:Steven Braun, Timothy Brayton
SDA: Steven Braun, Timothy Brayton

Diversified Metals, Inc., Monson, MA
Supplier ID: 269071
SDI: Arthur Singleton, Sharon Brown, Lori St. George
SDA: Arthur Singleton, Sharon Brown, Lori St. George

DK Machine, Fort Edwards, NY
Supplier ID: 1008297
SDI: James Glacy
SDA: James Glacy

DRS Power & Controls Tech, Inc., Milwaukee, WI
Supplier ID: 1008496
SDI: Scott Borchardt
SDA: Scott Borchardt

Espey Manufacturing & Electronics Industries, Saratoga Springs, NY
Supplier ID: 1002941
SDI: Theresa Ricci, paul Tucker
SDA: Theresa Ricci, paul Tucker

Gems Sensors Inc., Plainville, CT
Supplier ID: 1005584
SDI: Susan Thayer, Brad Poland
SDA: Susan Thayer, Brad Poland

General Dynamics Information Technology, Pawcatuck, CT
Supplier ID: 1010805
SDI: Chris Crowley, Brad Beckham
SDA: Chris Crowley, Brad Beckham

Guill Tool & Engineering Co. Inc., W. Warwick, RI
Supplier ID: 398108
SDI: Steven Larson
SDA: Steven Larson

Jo-Kell Incorporated, Chesapeake, VA
Supplier ID: 498029
SDI: Doris Lassen
SDA: Doris Lassen

LM Gill Welding & Mfg Division of BHS, Manchester, CT
Supplier ID: 370791
SDI: Chuck Garen, David Hartwell
SDA: Chuck Garen, David Hartwell

Marmon/Keystone, Southampton, MA
Supplier ID: 584401
SDI: Daniel Dmuchovsky, Leonard Boivin
SDA: Daniel Dmuchovsky, Leonard Boivin

Metals USA, Langhorne, PA
Supplier ID: 1007039
SDI: Brian Kirkpatrick, James Donahue
SDA: Brian Kirkpatrick, James Donahue 

Micro-Precision Inc., So. Windham, CT
Supplier ID: 615983
SDI: Stuart Alexander, Erik Rogde, Dale Pitkin
SDA: Stuart Alexander, Dale Pitkin

Milwaukee Valve, New Berlin, WI
Supplier ID: 624927
SDI: Barbara Roelke, Lisa Harris, Rebecca Ramirez
SDA: Ann Mcgill, Kathryn Hoege

Nelson Stud Welding Inc., Elyria, OH
Supplier ID: 1007108
SDI:Silvia Stanford, Michelle Potter, Rick Westfall, Thomas Hawley
SDA: Jacob Hirst, Michelle Potter, Thomas Howley

Oil States Industries, Arlington, TX
Supplier ID: 1008981
SDI: Roger Harper, Rolando Tapia
SDA: Roger Harper, Rolando Tapia

Pierce Aluminum, Franklin, MA
Supplier ID: 735860
SDI: Thomas Farnsworth, Clayton Lang
SDA: Thomas Farnsworth, Vicki Gonzales

Precision Machine & Gear, West Boylston, MA
Supplier ID: 1004976
SDI: Mike Erling, Gregory Mancini, Kevin Rockwood
SDA: Mike Erling

Sargent Controls, Tuscon, AZ
Supplier ID: 821095
SDI: Greg Hees, Ron Gryniewicz
SDA: Greg Hees, Ron Gryniewicz

Scot Forge Company, Spring Grove, IL
Supplier ID: 829771
SDI: Derek Coleman, , Jesse Smith, Joshua Fitzmaurice, Brendan Peters, Tim Spooner, Ismael Salgado, Jason Larrabee, Ryan Greer, Albert Larsen, Phil Suchowski, Rachael Lippert
SDA: Aimee McGillivray, Jodi Fellows, Jessica Stekl, Ismael Salgado

Tioga Pipe, Philadelphia, PA
Supplier ID: 916708
SDI: Dave Lare, Dennis Tauber, Brian Schantz, Ernest Fimiano Jr.
SDA: Dennis Tauber, Art Shuler

TOG Manufacturing, No. Adams, MA
Supplier ID: 1007182
SDI: Dana Mears, Travis Bolte, David Bialas, Adam Markland, Eric McKinney
SDA: David Bialas, Travis Bolte, Kelly Dunn

Vacco Industries, S Elmonte, CA
Supplier ID: 941100
SDI: Jacqueline Jimenez, Yvonne ST. Germes, Blanca Torres
SDA: Jacqueline Jimenez, Yvonne ST. Germes, Jorgina Flores

Vegas Fastener Manufacturing, Las Vegas, NV
Supplier ID: 1011119
SDI: Michael Finney, Milton Till, Jeffrey McCarel's, Michael Young
SDA: Fred Danser, Yosef Hello, Michael Finney