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Welcome to Commute with Enterprise, a commuter service providing flexible transportation alternatives to commuters traveling to work. Our goal is to connect 4-15 employees who live in a similar location to commute into work together. By doing so, we are minimizing the increasing need for parking, reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, while simultaneously saving each employee money and improving stress levels.

Commute with Enterprise currently offers 75 routes daily which includes over 500 participants. We plan to expand our existing offerings of routes to accommodate the growing demand in our program. The Commute with Enterprise fleet is made up of 7-passenger minivans as well as 12- and 15-passenger full-size vans. Fares are per seat and payable by weekly payroll deductions.

Commute with Enterprise may have a route to meet your needs. If not, consider creating a route of your own. It’s easy to do; just find at least five people to commute with you, have one person volunteer to drive and you’re off. You set the meeting location as well as the route times. A new model van will be delivered to you complete with a gas card and ready to roll.

Benefits of Riding

Reserve your seat full-time on Commute with Enterprise and you’ll enjoy a long list of benefits.

When riders reserve a seat on a Commute with Enterprise van, the rider agrees to pay fare weekly or bi-weekly.  In addition to a safe, dependable ride to work, Commute with Enterprise offers value, convenience and flexibility.

Why Commute with Enterprise?

  • Less wear and tear on your auto
  • Discount on personal auto insurance
  • Fuel included in fare
  • Pick-ups at nearby park and ride lots
  • Convenient payroll deduction for payment
  • EB assigned parking space in a designated parking lot
  • Guaranteed Ride Home Program for emergency situations
  • Maintenance completed on site or at any approved National vendor and billed directly to us
  • 24-Hour roadside assistance
  • Full collision coverage on the vehicle and $1,000,000 liability policy included in the event of an accident
  • Coordinators ride for free with 9 or more other participants

Call customer service at 1-800-972-3279 for general information or questions.

To Join: Reach out to the EB Commuter Services Office at: 860-433-7603. Otherwise reach out to Matt Lyhne at Commute with Enterprise at: or call at: 860-424-2944.

We look forward to connecting you with your new vanpool today!